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Today, many fans of the Dota 2 computer game know that its online versions have appeared, allowing you to bet not only with unnecessary artifacts, but also with real money. Thanks to the successful integration of the game in the field of e-sports, the players had a chance not only to have fun, but also to earn real money on it. To cheer on your favorite players during Dota 2 matches, you can go to the site for dota 2 bet money. project invites its members to learn about the results of past events and information about upcoming matches. Firstly, it is worth noting that any bets on such matches are similar to sports. That is, you can bet on the victory of the favorite, the total and the head start in a series of matches. Secondly, there are certain rules that help players correctly allocate resources for bets: The winning amount or the status of the received inventory for Dota 2 depends on the coefficient. If you constantly choose a small coefficient, the gain will also be small, but stable. This type of bet is calculated similarly to standard types of sports, that is, at the end of a match. The constant election of favorites will not give a 100% guarantee of winning. That is why you need to alternate bets between outsiders and winners. Although bookmaking bets combine these two game spheres, there are some differences between them. Betting on DotA does not require meticulous forecasting, but standard sports can depend on many factors. The second significant difference is the field of activity of players betting on both sports options. Thanks to these features, betting on DotA2 can become very popular. And the more people will take part in these investment schemes, the more profitable the odds will be. Among the positive sides of such bets, one can single out a game that brings real rewards, and the possibility of remote earnings. When embarking on such a gambling entertainment, it is worth remembering that you should not only bet on your favorite teams, but also insure yourself with bets on outsiders.

The name of DaySix is inspired by the story of God's work of creation on this world. God performed the work of creation in six days, where the divine Creator stated that the sixth day or the last day of the creation as “So Very Good”. Perfect! It was the top of the creation, because on that day, the humans; as the highest and noblest; was created.

Based on that story, we take “DaySix”, with the philosophy of all talents, skills, ideas, creativities, dedication, work ethic & good spirits, is combined to give very good results indeed. Above the average to satisfy our clients’ needs. A perfect and meaningful art works…

Here we are … DaySix Productions


Nama DaySix diinspirasi dari kisah TUHAN Yang Maha Kuasa menciptakan dunia dan segala isinya. Dikisahkan TUHAN mencipta dunia ini dalam enam hari, di mana Sang Pencipta memberikan pernyataan "Sungguh Sangat Baik" di akhir penciptaan hari keenam tersebut. Sempurna! Puncak penciptaan, karena dikisahkan pada hari itu, manusia; sebagai mahluk tertinggi dan termulia; diciptakan.

Berdasarkan kisah tersebut, kami mengambil "DaySix" (yang bisa diterjemahkan hari keenam), dengan filosofi bahwa semua talenta, keahlian, ide, kreatifitas, dedikasi, etos kerja & semangat, semuanya disatukan untuk memberikan hasil yang sungguh sangat baik. Lebih dari rata-rata, untuk memberikan kepuasan dalam menjawab kebutuhan klien. Sebuah karya yang sempuran dan bermakna ...

Karena itu, inilah kami ... DaySix Productions